Arik Boas Animation is a Tel-Aviv based animation studio creating fresh animation for advertising, broadcast and film. An ever creative approach, powered by uncompromising technical skills, dreams up original animation, tailor made to each project needs.



Creating work for commercial and non-commercial projects, embracing different disciplines, from traditional to contemporary, specializing in handmade and frame-by frame techniques.

Arik Boas Animation collaborates on international and local projects, providing full creative support, from the earliest stages of production to the final touches of post-production. The studio creates diverse animated content across multiple platforms, formats and budgets. Applying new and traditional animation styles to create unique animated imagery. A full range of creative services includes concept development, design, directing, animation production and post-production.




Collaborating closely with ad agencies creatives and production companies to deliver top-quality work on time and within budget. Offering a comprehensive set of consulting and production services, including copywriting, visual development, graphic design, motion design, animation production and directing. Commercials work includes TV spots, virals, corporate videos and marcom projects. Producing original animated content for feature films, television productions and other formats such as educational videos, exhibitions, shows etc. Emphasizing solid concept design and innate narrative structure to support an inspired creative pursuit of visuals and motion. Creating work for high-end productions or low-budget projects, mainstream content or alternative filmmaking.



Original animation and distinct designs make for effective graphic packaging, main titles, opening and closing sequences. Setting mood and context, establishing themes and subject matter, communicating information in a rich and engaging manner. Arik Boas Animation creates memorable opens for broadcast, film and special events. Animated identities and animated logos extend brand experience into whole new dimensions. Adapting a logo into a concise animated sequence takes accuracy, imagination and skill. As short and compressed as it may be, the animation should be inspiring and entertaining to watch.


The choice of technique is always a pivotal production decision, involving creative and technical considerations. Each animation technique offers its unique creative possibilities within inherent technical limitations.

Considering production a balancing act between the technical and the creative, Arik Boas Animation applies inventive thinking and solid know-hows to tailor effective production solutions to creative needs. Animation styles exercised by the studio include hand-drawn animation (created with traditional or unconventional media), stop-motion animation (involving frame-by-frame manipulation of media under the camera), digital animation, visual effects, cut-outs animation, and any innovative technique applicable. Style and technique are always considered according to each project needs, deploying the best artistic skills and up-to-date software to realize artistic visions.


Director Arik Boas combines in-depth knowledge of classical and contemporary animation with an extensive experience in post-production and broadcast design. A multi-disciplinary director, involved in both technical and creative aspects of filmmaking, striving to create affecting animated content, employing attentive scriptwriting, distinct visual design and hearty animation rendition.

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