Arik Boas Animation is a Tel-Aviv based animation studio creating fresh animation for advertising, broadcast and film. An ever creative approach, powered by uncompromising technical skills, dreams up original animation, tailor made to each project needs.



Hostr | Commercial   Orange | Commercial
Introducing Hostr, an online platform connecting artists with audience, facilitating and coordinating independent home performances. Directed and designed by Arik Boas.   In a quirky, humorous tone, the Orange campaign emphasized individual usage patterns of customers, promoting a new service for optimized billing. Agency: IPG Reuveni Pridan. Creative Director: Niv Horesh. Director: Arik Boas. Production comapny: Paradiso. Music: Ofer Meiri.
Clalit Health Services | Commercial   Bank Leumi "digital wallet" | Commercial
Part of the Clalit Health Services animated campaign, this spot promoted family care workshops. A key challenge was getting the right mix of sweet and blunt. Agency: IPG Reuveni Pridan. Production company: Rabel. Director: Gabriel Bibliowicz. Animation director: Arik Boas. Post-production: Gravity.   Bank Leumi's digital wallet services enablie money transfers via SMS. Director: Roni Kleiner. Production company: Mialma production house. Animation: Arik Boas Animation. Agency: Mccann Erickson. Creative director: Shahar Filler. Music: Tomer Biran.
Osem | Commercial   Anyoption | Commercial
Animated kick-offs to Osem live-action commercials. An illustrated domestic scene smoothly transforms into live-action. Agency: Gitam BBDO. VP Creative: Shani Gershi. Director: Shahar Segal. Production: Paradiso Filmmakers. Post-production: JCSPP. Creative director at JCS: Dan Tomer. Design: Yaniv Shimoni. Animation: Arik Boas Animation.   A frisky animated campaign produced for the online trading platform of Anyoption. Directed by Arik Boas. Sound design by Irad Lee.
ECA | Commercial   SkyApp | Commercial
A commercial for pre-scheduled appointments at the ECA bureaus. Produced for Israel's Government Advertising Agency by Arik Boas Animation.   Presenting SkyApp cloud computing services in a web commercial directed by Arik Boas. Sound design by Jonathan Falikman at Jungle.
Patiphon | Commercial   Abadi-Mini | Commercial
A web commercial promoting an online distribution platform for music professionals. Designed and directed by Arik Boas. Sound design by Jonathan Falikman at Jungle.   A 'sponsorsed-by' message for Abadi Cookies Mini-Pack. Agency: Shavit VeZehu. Creative Director: Assi Shavit. Director: Arik Boas. Voices: Kobi Farag.
Strauss-Elite | Commercial   Bezeq "Marco in Tel-Aviv" | Commercial
An unexpected monkey intrudes the branded 'cow-chocolate' spot, introducing a new banana flavored chocolate. Produced at Gravity for Strauss-Elite. Agency: Shalmor Avnon Amichay Y&R. Animation by Arik Boas.   Marco, the classic anime character, searches the streets of Tel-Aviv for his mother. Directed by Arik Boas and Yoram Ever-Handani. Produced by Mandy Morris at IPG Raban & Co for Bezeq. Music by Danny Aronson. Post-production at Gravity.
Bank Hapoalim | Commercial   Orange "BU" | Commercial
Bank Hapoalim specialized services for international customers are presented in different animation styles. Produced by Arik Boas Animation. Directed by Arik Boas. Post-production: Broadcast.   Part of the Orange BU campaign with characters designed by Rutu Modan. This spot features a heated debate over an 'offside' ruling on a FIFA computer game. Directed by Ariel Pridan. Produced by Paradiso for Shalmor Avnon Amichay Y&R. Animation: Arik Boas. Post-production: Gravity.
121mobile | Commercial   Motorola "Passover" | Commercial
Presenting the concept and services of 121Mobile. Produced by Arik Boas Animation.   A special passover promotion from Motorola and Pelephone astonishes the ancient egyptian guards, waiting for their replacements. Directed by Arik Boas. Agency: Mccann Erickson. Produced by Ulpanot.
Kardan | Commercial   The Standards Institution | Facebook App
Vibrant 2D characters integrated into 3D architectural visualization to brighten up the atmosphere of a promotional video produced for Kardan real-estate. Production and 3D visualization by 3Dvision. 2D animation by Arik Boas Animation.   A Facebook application promoting The Standards Institution of Israel. The app runs silly tests on Facebook friends to check if they meet standards. Agency: Ashkenazy Zalsman BSA. Producer and director: Roni Kleiner. Interactive design: Socialit. Sound design: Jungle.

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