Arik Boas Animation is a Tel-Aviv based animation studio creating fresh animation for advertising, broadcast and film. An ever creative approach, powered by uncompromising technical skills, dreams up original animation, tailor made to each project needs.



July August Productions | Branding   Black Sheep | Branding
The typograpy based ident was designed with Tammy Oz for production company July August Productions.   An animated logo for "Black Sheep" production company.
Hypermedia | Branding   Telma | Branding
Unraveling an array of containers-within-containers, beyond the facade of the logo. A motion interpretation of a logo by Moograbi & Arnaldes representing the diverse medias and venues of production company Hypermedia.   Animated identity for food company Telma. Produced by Gravity. Art-direction: Michal Wolff. Animation: Arik Boas.
Reshet | Branding   Noga Communications | Branding
Expanding the world of the minimalistic logo in a series of idents directed by Arik Boas for Reshet TV, Israel's channel 2 broadcaster.   The ident for Noga Communication was directed by Ohav Flantz. Compositing and design by Arik Boas.

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