Arik Boas Animation is a Tel-Aviv based animation studio creating fresh animation for advertising, broadcast and film. An ever creative approach, powered by uncompromising technical skills, dreams up original animation, tailor made to each project needs.



Doc Challenge TLV | Open   Jerusalem Film Festival | Open
The opening sequence for the Doc Challenge competition runs in a perpetual clockwise motion across changing situations, representing filmmaking against the clock. Directed by Arik Boas. Music by Ran Bagno. Produced by Ari Davidovich of Hypermedia for the Doc-Aviv film festival.   The official opening sequence for the Jerusalem Film Festival 2010 designed and directed by Arik Boas. Sound design by Jungle.
Zoom | Open   The Chosen People | Open
'Zoom' was a television magazine exploring high and low culture, structured as a series of unrelated films, relying on its graphic packaging to establish a visual backbone. The raw quality and subversive feel were an effective branding device and won the PROMAX/BDA design awards. Produced for The Second Televison & Radio Authority by Roll.   The mini-series "The Chosen People", Hosted by Yaron London, tackles basic myths and conceptions of Israeli identity. Produced by Shula Spiegel Productions and Donna Productions for Channel 8, HOT. The open was designed and directed by Arik Boas. Music by Karni Postel and Tom Darom.
'Bsorot Tovot' (Good Tidings) | Open   Always the same dream | Open
The mockumentary TV show followed a local celebrity, torn between the lure of show-biz and the allure of new-age. The title sequence presented the characters as illustrated tarot cards, in a parody of a conflict between materialism and spiritualism. The series was created by Shai Avivi and Michal Livdinski, and was produced for Keshet by Sahar Productions.   The main title for the mini-series by Eytan Fox, based on the songs of Tzvika Pik. Design: Michal Wolff. Animation: Arik Boas Animation. Production: Donna Productions.
Pillars of smoke | Open   Human rights Film Festival | Open
A montage of carefully-toned footage evoked the special atmosphere for the mystery TV series "Smoke pillars", created by Oded Davidoff and Noah Stollman. The open was directed by Michal Wolff with footage shot at the Golan heights by DP Roman Linsky. Produced by Herzlia Studios for HOT.   A solitary figure on a barren landscape tries to reassemble shattered pieces of glass and restore a fractured human reflection. Directed by Arik Boas for the human rights film festival at the Tel-Aviv Cinematheque. Produced by Osnat Trabelsi and Shirley Zaltsman.

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