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The hearing canal

The future is now

 |  TV series

Ben Shani talks with leading Israeli researchers about groundbreaking medical innovations. Produced for KAN - IPBC by HSCC Slutzky Communications. Directed and presented by Ben Shani. Animation designed and directed by Arik Boas.

Dan Ariely examines human decision-making

Why like this?

 |  TV series

Professor Dan Ariely explores different aspects of human behavior in the TV series, "Why Like This?", produced for KAN - IPBC by Yoav Shamir and Tanya Aizikovich. Designed and Animated by Arik Boas. Animated sequences are used to explain, illustrate and enhance the content.

Queen Salome Alexandra inaguration

Queen Salome Alexandra

 |  Museum Content

In face of an ominous future, Queen Salome Alexandra, the last queen of independent Judea, reflects her reign, in hopes of passing on a legacy of peace and prosperity to future generations. Designed and directed by Arik Boas for ANU, Museum of the Jewish People in Tel-Aviv. Voice by Anat Barzilai.

Jewish intellectuals of the 19th century

An Organ in the Synagogue?

 |  Museum Content

In response to eager reforms by the jewish intellectuals of the 19th century, the traditionalists raised the bar and started ultra-Orthodox Judaism. Jumbled cut-outs animation directed by Arik Boas for ANU, Museum of the Jewish People in Tel-Aviv. Voice artist: Tomer Sharon.

Secular man studying Talmud in his Tel-Aviv office

The Daily Page

 |  Museum Content

A mélange of the mundane and the surreal, hand-drawn animation reflects on the Talmud’s daily page, studied by Jews worldwide each day. Directed by Arik Boas for ANU, Museum of the Jewish People in Tel-Aviv. Narration by Uri Banai.

A mosaic showing the Roman eagle with the inscription SPQR

Rebellions against the Romans

 |  Museum Content

The jews rose up three times to rebel against the Roman empire. Time and again they paid a heavy price. A triptych of mosaics conveys the shattering of hopes. Directed by Arik Boas for ANU, Museum of the Jewish People.

anime girl eye looking from within cocoon

Test Me

 |  Music video

The Official music video for Slushii's 'Test Me' (feat. Dion Timmer) is a post-cyberpunk fairytale, but the loose narrative, about a mysterious being released from the futuristic test tubes of the CyanCorp labs, is mostly an excuse for a trippy audio-visual ride. Produced and directed by Arik Boas for monstercat.

illustrated boy flying a paper plane in living room


 |  Onboarding video

Introducing temi, the personal home robot assistant, powered with Alexa. This onboarding animated video was produced by Firma creative productions and directed by Roni Klenier. Producers: Roni Abramowski, Adar Shafran. Design by Denis Visual. Character animation by Arik Boas. Additional animation by Adam Ben-Ami.

Full moon within a grid of vintage film countdownr

Night Train Media

 |  Animated logo

Animated logo for production company Night Train Media. Designed and animated by Arik Boas. Produced by Olivan Pahl, Herbert Kloiber.

skeleton in cemetery mexican day of the dead


 |  Commercial

Promotoing Dell's Optiplex desktop computers. Asserting that the desktop is not dead. Inspired by the mexican day of the dead celebrations. Designed and directed by Arik Boas for Fresh Look Video.

Fiddler flying above synagogue with cat

Synagogue Hall

 |  In-gallery content

Everyday scenes of Jewish community life, throughout history, revolving around the Synagogue at all times. Produced for the Synagogue Hall at Beit Hatfutsot (Museum of the Jewish People). Chief Curator: Dr. Orit Shaham-Gover. Head of Curation team: Amitai Achiman. Director: Arik Boas. Sound Design: Jungle Sound.

Girl sitting next to an illusrated dragon

ICL Group

 |  Promotional

From a child's point of view, mom's work at ICL Group seems magical. ICL is a global minerals company creating solutions for the global food, agriculture and industrial markets. Directed by Roni Kleiner. Produced by Roni Abramowski, FIRMA. Design by Inbal Ochyon. Sound design by Uri Kalian, Sweet Sound.


city windows lit at night


 |  Commercial

Introducing Hostr, an online platform connecting artists with audience, facilitating and coordinating independent home performances. Directed and designed by Arik Boas.

Don Quixote in front of a windmill

Revolution 101

 |  Feature film

Doron Tsabari's feature film employs animation sequences to ruminate, accentuate and intensify ideas and emotions. Animation designed and directed by Arik Boas. Sound design by Itzik Cohen. Produced by Ori Inbar.

Robin Wright in the Congress film

The Congress

 |  Feature film

Retro-style character animation for Ari Folman's feature film. Animation director: Yoni Goodman. Art Director: David Polonski. Production: Bridgit Folman Gang (Israel), Pandora film (Germany) and several european co-producers.

illustration of filmmakers competing in a documentary film contest

Doc Challenge TLV

 |  Open

Doc Challenge competition allows filmmakers 5 days to make a short documentary film. The opening sequence runs a perpetual clockwise motion across changing situations, representing filmmaking against the clock. Directed by Arik Boas. Music by Ran Bagno. Produced by Ari Davidovich of Hypermedia for the Doc-Aviv film festival.

hand drawing orange hearts on whiteboard


 |  Commercial

A quirky whiteboard animation campaign for Orange, emphasizing individual usage patterns of customers, promoting a new service for optimized billing. Agency: IPG Reuveni Pridan. Creative Director: Niv Horesh. Director: Arik Boas. Production comapny: Paradiso. Music: Ofer Meiri.

Little boy and his puppy licking his face

Clalit Health Services

 |  Commercial

Part of the Clalit Health Services animated campaign, this spot promoted family care workshops. A key challenge was getting the right mix of sweet and blunt. Agency: IPG Reuveni Pridan. Production company: Rabel. Director: Gabriel Bibliowicz. Animation director: Arik Boas. Post-production: Gravity.

test tube graphics

Google Unskippable Labs

 |  Main Title

Main title and graphics for Google Unskippable Labs. Design and animation: Arik Boas. Production: North of New York. Post-production: The Artery VFX.

Moon reflected in rain puddles

Gifts Of Time

 |  Music video

A music video directed by Yariv Barel and Arik Boas for the Israeli singer Dana Berger at Tav 8 record company. Edited by Rafi Shor. DP: Alon Grego. Music producer: Yossi Fine.

Poster of Jerusalem film festival

Jerusalem Film Festival

 |  Open

The official opening sequence for the Jerusalem Film Festival 2010 designed and directed by Arik Boas. Sound design by Jungle.

doves flying over text learn war no more

The Shrine of The Book

 |  Promo

Timeless quotes from the Isaiah Scroll lead into the monumental Shrine of the Book, home to the Dead Sea Scrolls. Directed and desgined by Arik Boas for The Israel Museum, Jersualem. Project manager: Rotem Arieli. Chief Curator: Dr. Adolfo Roitman. Production: Arik Boas Animation.



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